10- step illustrated guide on Roland D-110 battery replacement!

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D110 Front

When I unpacked my unit from storage, I got the "check internal battery" message as soon as I powered on. No wonder, I bought my D-110 in 1988 in the week it came out, although the battery lasted at least 15 years. There used to be a big mystery around the replacing the battery procedure, often requiring that the unit be brought to an expensive service center. Well, 20 years after the D110 release,this is now history. I got a screwdriver and dissasembled the unit to check whether I could replace the battery, and it turns out that it's really simple.

Note that these instructions should also work for the following Roland models using identical batteries, although the disassembly procedure will be different:

A-80 / A80, D-10 / D10, D-20 / D20, D-50 / D50, D-70 / D70, D-110 / D110, D-550 / D550, JD-800 / JD800, JV-880 / JV-880, MT-32 / MT32, PRO-E Intelligent Arranger / PROe, SE-50 / SE50 (Boss), SPD-8 / SPD8, SPD-11 / SPD1, SPD-20 / SPD20, U-20 / U20, U-110 / U110, U-220 / U220, XP-10 / XP10, XP-30 / XP30, XP-50 / XP50, XP-60 / XP60, XP-80 / XP80, XV-88

The battery required is a 3.0v CR2032 lithium cell, yes the same ones that you find on your PC's motherboard, so less than 1€ a pop!


Got a battery?Got a medium-fine Philips screwdriver?Then let's get started with the battery replacement:

1- First, if you need to backup personal settings, I would suggest you do a midi-dump using your favorite midi software, Cubase and the likes accept this kind of dump if I remember correctly.

2 - Turn the unit upside down and remove the 3 screws on the left and right edges, they hold the cover to the chassis.

Bottom's up

3 - Now turn the unit over and remove the 3 screws each side holding the rack ear reinforcements

Rack ears

4 - Remove the 2 screws on top middle of the cover and the 3 screws on the top of the backplate

Top Screws

5 - Slide the cover gently to the back until you can see the motherboard and battery holder

Inside out

6 - Make a note where the +/- go, even though genererally speaking, the + on CR2032 holders is usually on top.

7 - To release the battery, slightly lift the battery clip on the plastic handle side and use a small screwdriver to push out the battery. You should not need any force for this, do this gently

Battery Clip

8 - Slide the new battery in while lifting the battery clip a bit.

9 - Slide the top lid back into place, check that it is well adjusted and put all the screws back in. Don't forget the rack ear reinforcements.

10 - Power on the unit, it should work fine. The user patches etc. will be lost, but you saved a midi dump, so just dump it back and you're done!

Slap Bass anyone?

Enjoy and have fun :-)



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